IDABAY Professional Coffee Machine Automatic Espresso Bean to Cup Maker Italian Semi-Auto Intelligent Stainless Steel CAF Making Equipment for Home Commercial Office 920W 1.6L Price: £147.99 (as of 20/06/2019 10:19 PST- Details)

SAFE TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER – Two independent temperature regulators that control water temperature and steam temperature to ensure optimal water temperature when cooking coffee, thus achieving the most fantastic flavor, because either the water temperature is too or too high will affect the extraction of coffee.
CAPPUCCINO MAKING – This coffee machine can combine air, milk, and steam to make a fragrant milk foam, which can be used to make cappuccino and latte.
ULTRA-FINE FILTER – Coffee maker equipped with a ultra-fine stainless steel strainer, which combined with a stainless steel filter basin to create a pure natural fat coffee with better taste.