Coffee Machine Portable Manual Coffee Maker Coffee Bean Premium Ceramic Burr Hand Crank Grinder Portable Coffee Mill Set All-in-one Cups For Espresso Bean

£34.49 (as of 20th May 2018, 5:42 am) £24.99

This all-in-one coffee maker comes with all necessary parts including drip kettle, hand mill grinder, metal filter dripper, and coffee cup, you can easily make coffee in anytime at anywhere for 1-2 people
Materials: ABS casing and food grade 304 stainless steel and ceramics, is eco-friendly, durable, 100% BPA free (Complies with major safety approvals regarding food contact materials) , passed FDA NSF RoHS LFGB certification
Easy to remove and clean: after use, please clean it with water immediately, after cleaning, please wipe all parts dry to avoid water staying in it

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